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  1. Dear Dr Chang,

    I just received my copy of Yinyang Wuxing Spirit Body & Healing. I ordered it after reading your recent article in the Journal of Chinese Medicine, which gave me the profound sense of someone who really understands the medicine in a deep way, which is a rare thing I think! So far I’m loving the book – thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

    My only disappointment is the relative lack of information on acupuncture strategies, although of course there is much to be gained from your explanations anyway. I’m not a herbalist (although I have a feeling your book may inspire me to consider training). I would be very interested in opening a dialogue with you at some stage, probably after digesting your book for a while. If you would potentially be open to some kind of informal dialogue via email or Skype, I would be happy to pay you for your time. If you are open to discussing this, you can contact me via email – tomtheacupuncturist at gmail dot com (spelt out to avoid the ‘robots’ getting my address!!).

    Kind regards,

    Tom Kennedy (Bristol, UK).


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