This is my website and I am Rhonda Chang. This website is about yinyang wuxing healing, herbs, and living with the rhythmic changes of heaven and earth.

In 1983 I graduated from Beijing Chinese Medicine College. In 1986 I migrated to Australia and set up my own practice as a physician of traditional Chinese medicine.  In 2012 I  completed a PhD in the history and philosophy of science from the University of Sydney.  

During my university education of TCM much of what was taught seemed illogical and inconsistent, and too much of it had modern Chinese Communist Party characteristics for my liking. As a result I re-educated myself through studying the old classics on my own and without institutional interference. After 30 years of research and practice I published two books: Chinese Medicine Masquerading As Yi — A Case of Chinese Self-colonisation and Yinyang Wuxing Spirit, Body & Healing . Currently I am writing and organizing an online course on the relevance of yin and yang changes with respect to health and healing.

I know many people have asked when the course will be ready, but I am trying to get it as clear as possible since so much appears to be like lost knowledge with broken connections. Thank you for all your patience. It’s coming.

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