Relation of yinyang & wuxing

Yinang wuxing is one theory, while the doctrine of yinyang explains the interdependency of yin and yang, for example, hight (yang) can't exist without a ground (low, yin). the doctrine of wuxing further interprets the regulation of the changes between yin and yang that manifest different things and phenomena, for example, water is cold (yin),... Continue Reading →

The Chinese medicine tree

Paul Unschuld stated:“Traditional Chinese medicine is comparable with a tree that has lost its roots. The wood is still available and can be put to many meaningful uses, yet nourishment and further development no longer spring from its own forces”. Unfortunately, the wood of yinyang wuxing yi had already been exhausted when the old physicians... Continue Reading →

Why am I attacking TCM

As a qualified modern Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner, I am like every other TCM practitioners loving the idea of chemical free healing.  But I could not accept that we can only copy ancient formulas without knowing how the ancient formulas were created, especially when the formulas do not provide an effective result, with no reasoning... Continue Reading →


  “天地有陰陽,人也有陰陽。生命是陰陽的結合,人的神是陽,體是陰。人命就是神與體的結合。” 傳統中國醫學是陰陽學說的演繹。陰陽學說既不唯心也不唯物,而是心和物的結合。是神和體的緊密合作生成和維護人的生命。 《陰陽五行神體醫》一書詳細地解釋了什麽是人的陰陽五行,以及陰陽五行在診斷和治療疾病中的指導作用。懂得陰陽五行理論,一個人就有能力靈活地利用自然界的物質與非物質維護健康和治療一切疾病。 常容1983年畢業於北京中醫學院,2012年獲得悉尼大學哲學歷史博士,是《現代中醫的起始與傳統醫學的滅跡》與《陰陽五行神 體 醫》的作者。

The Yinyang of human life

Yinyang is a term for two opposing phenomena or things that form a conceptual unity, for example, cold and hot, high and low, or hard and soft.  All things that are dark, low, descending, passive, solid, gathering, or sticky can be classified as yin. On the other hand, all things that are bright, high, ascending,... Continue Reading →

Why I stopped practicing Chinese Healing in Australia

  On 1 July 2012, after long time lobbying by the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association, the Australian federal government finally set up a regulatory body for Chinese medicine. Most Chinese medicine practitioners took this event as a huge achievement, as they were finally recognized as part of the mainstream health profession. But instead... Continue Reading →

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