Yinyang Wuxing Food

I have been asked how yinyang wuxing fits into the idea that eating the organs of an animal may benefit the corresponding organ of our own bodies, for example how would eating the liver of a sheep help our own liver. In the theory of yinyang wuxing, all existence is of yin and yang, and... Continue Reading →


I’ve just written a short e-book on how the yinyang wuxing approach to prevention and treatment for coronavirus symptoms. I’ve recently been asked by some people whether yi is able to treat the coronavirus. My answer is yi doesn’t treat the coronavirus condition as such, but yi does remedy the symptoms presently associated with the... Continue Reading →

Why am I attacking TCM

As a qualified modern Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner, I am like every other TCM practitioners loving the idea of chemical free healing.  But I could not accept that we can only copy ancient formulas without knowing how the ancient formulas were created, especially when the formulas do not provide an effective result, with no reasoning... Continue Reading →

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