The word 月 yuè means moon or month and is pronounced like the first two letters in the word “yurt”. It is like the character 日 but with an opening of the bottom. This opening of the bottom implies something not solid, or incomplete, because the moon waxes and wanes.

As 月 signifies the moon, it is the light of night, so 月 is yin energy. Most of the Chinese characters that associate with yin energy have 月 as a component. The spirit is yang, the body is yin, so body parts often have the 月 component, for example 肺 fèi, which means the lungs.

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  1. Hello Rhonda,
    Looking forward to your course, do you know yet what it will cost and how long it will be?
    I’ve been waiting for your new book since September last year any idea about the release date?
    Hoping you are well,


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