Unite for Health


Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi has setup an organisation “Physicians and scientists for health, freedom and democracy” in Germany to get people involved with health policy making.  

Diseases are desirable weapons for all governments. They can conquer a nation, divide people, and manipulate the collective spirit of people. So it is also desirable for individuals to know what diseases our laboratories are developing, and, after the health authorities declared that there is no effective drug treatment for COVID-19, it is also important for people to have information available about alternative treatments for such diseases.

I recently wrote a booklet on how to treat COVID-19 with a yinyang wuxing approach, but Amazon.com, through Kindle, refused to print it. However I am confident that such a disease can be treated through herbs as I have successfully treated all kinds of acute infections in my years of healing practice. And in China, there are government websites reporting that herbs have successfully treated the COVID-19.

For example, on 24 May, 2020 on the Liaoning Province Government website, it was reported: “Chinese Herbs are effective in treating all stages of Coronavirus” 中药对新冠肺炎治疗全程都有作用。http://www.shenyang.gov.cn/html/SY/158003176462428/158000601629542/158000601629580/7646242890005489.html

On 24 May 2020, the Chinese city of Xiaogan’s only government news website reported: “Many kind of Chinese herbs have preliminarily proven to have obvious curative effects [in treating coronavirus]. The Central government steering group requests for a timely summary”多种中药初步证实有明显疗效!中央指导组要求及时总结


On 18 March 2020, the major Chinese government publication website Xinhua reported: “These Chinese herbal medicines are effective in treating Coronavirus, ‘Three herbs and three formulas’ writing Chinese medicine anti-epidemic methods.” 这些中医药方剂治疗新冠肺炎有效,三药三方书写中药抗疫方案source: China Daily 2020.3.18


It appears that governments privilege control over people before entertaining the idea that other belief systems, beyond the so-called mainstream scientific ones, might have viable solutions to all sorts of problems – including ones pertaining to health. Increasingly we have our individual choices about how to stay healthy determined by the government and its agencies. As an individual a voice can be easily dismissed or shut down by force. Because most democracies thankfully fear broad public dissent, then as a united group we will be strong and able to protect our rights to know and to act.

The COVID-19 pandemic response has been global, and we also need a global unity to be informed of diseases and healing and protect our interest in health through policy makings, or we will be totally controlled economically, spiritually, and physically by a global authoritarian system that is bolstered by big businesses such as Facebook, Amazon, and big pharmaceutical companies that govern the governments.

I’ve written this blog to let people in Australia know of the German initiative. Perhaps there will be people in Australia who might join together in establishing a similar movement here.     

For more information on the German initiative visit: http://www.mshfd.org/ and https://www.mwgfd.de/.

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