I’ve just written a short e-book on how the yinyang wuxing approach to prevention and treatment for coronavirus symptoms.

I’ve recently been asked by some people whether yi is able to treat the coronavirus. My answer is yi doesn’t treat the coronavirus condition as such, but yi does remedy the symptoms presently associated with the coronavirus.  

The reason that yi can treat the symptoms of the coronavirus is because we can examine coronavirus not as a form of disease but in terms of yinyang disorder, and there is never any lack of ways to correct yinyang disorder.

Coronavirus infection is not an yi diagnosis, therefore yi physicians aren’t looking for herbs to kill the virus but rather to work out the symptoms in terms of yinyang disorder. If the symptom indicates yang damages of lung metal, we apply yang metal herbs, if the symptom indicates yin damages of lung metal, we apply the yin herbs, such is the simplicity and efficacy of yi.

The booklet provides a yinyang wuxing yi approach in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus affliction.

 Since it is a yinyang  wuxing approach for prevention and treatment of coronavirus, the booklet has a brief explanation of the concepts of yinyang wuxing, as well as the constitution of the body in terms of yinyang wuxing. 

The symptoms of coronavirus infection are analysed in terms of yinyang disorder. Herbal formulas are presented for prevention and treatment of those symptoms.   

The discussion includes the rationale behind the formulas and the selection criteria for the herbs chosen.

The book, Coronavirus – Prevention & Treatment: A Yinyang Wuxing Approach is available for purchase.

Amazon has refused to publish this booklet. “Prohibited content?”

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  1. Hi Rhonda,
    maybe Amazon is a bit sensitive to “Coronavirus” appearing in the title of the book. Who knows…
    I’d be very interested in hearing your take on it. Will send you an email.

    All the best,



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