Yinyang Wuxing Yi Course

Happy Lunar New Year

I haven’t blogged for a while, but I haven’t been idle either. Recently I’ve been working on a comprehensive course on yinyang wuxing yi and this year I hope to provide the course online and perhaps at certain physical locations. What the course covers will include five subjects taken consecutively: yinyang wuxing theory, yinyang wuxing spirit and body, yinyang wuxing herbs, yinyang wuxing needling, and yinyang wuxing treatments.

This course provides a coherent theory and practice of ancient Chinese healing. So practitioners don’t rely on others’ experiences of using herbs or acupuncture points to treat certain symptoms but rely on their own understanding of the yinyang nature of herbs, or acupuncture points to treat certain yinyang wuxing disorders.

I envisage this course will be suitable for anyone who has an interest in understanding ancient Chinese healing, and does not require any previous Chinese medicine or philosophy knowledge or background. Practitioners of TCM might suffer a little “culture shock” undertaking this course as it requires reshaping your understanding of the human body, spirit, meridians, points, and illness. But a coherent theory and practice that this course offers will make your practice more effective, flexible, and confident.

All the best for the new year.

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  1. Happy New Year! I greatly await this new edition to the “discussion”.  I am looking greatly forward to the delineation and the wider practical application of these principles in a more detailed manner. Bravo! Robert Wright 

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  2. Hello, Rhonda Chang,
    I would be interested in this course.

    I’ve been reading “Masquerading” and find that your experience parallels some of mine, particularly with the practice of Taichi Ch’uan.

    I would also be interested in discussing with you a publication distributed byPRC consulates here: Zhou Chuncai’s “Illustrated Book of Changes”, the last section of which is a detailed discussion of the foundations of Chinese medicine. If you don’t know it, I’d be happy to pdf this section for you.

    Chris Tillam


  3. It was in Fisher, but has been withdrawn or lost. It also used to be in several branches of City of Sydney Library, but they’ve disappeared too.
    He’s written several other books on Chinese medicine, in Chinese: in East Asian.


      1. Hi Rhonda,
        I would like to join your Yinyang Wuxing Yi Course.
        Could you please let me know how I can go about it?
        Thank you,
        Kind regards


  4. Hello Rhonda,
    I also listened to and enjoyed your interview on the Qiological podcast and would love to join your course when it becomes available. Also looking forward to reading your new book when it is published.

    Thank you,
    Simon Dixon.

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  5. Hi Rhonda, I realize I may be quite late to this, but I am very interested in your course offering. Has it been made available or it is still in the works?

    If/when it is available, I would love to enroll/participate! Thank you.


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