Dreams are your spirit speaking

A qigong healer came to see me and said that every night for a week, he dreamt that he was a woman. He and his wife were friends from childhood and had been happily of married for 20 years. He asked: “Am I meant to be a gay?”

Kidney is a water organ; water reserves the entire body’s yang heat. Yang heat in the water is the basic need for creating life, so kidney water is responsible for reproduction and sexual activity. In this case, the patient’s kidney water heat had been exhausted, the dreams of becoming a female is the spirit’s interpretation that his kidney water had only female (yin qi) left.

This dream is as clear as if he had told me that he was thirsty and needs water to drink. In this case, because of the nature of his work, his kidney heat had been depleted and the kidney was cold and needed heat. So there was no need to determine other symptoms or take the pulse etc., but to give him a dose of kidney warming herbs. The qigong master came back a week later and reported that he no longer dreamed of being a woman and that he felt invigorated.

Most dreams are messages of the yinyang needs of a person. Many people would have had a dream that he/she was looking for a toilet, but could not find one. Then you wake up and realize that the dream is telling you to get up and go to the toilet, and after that you no longer dream of looking for a toilet.

If you dream of being very angry, there is a liver wood yin deficiency. Because the liver is a wood organ, the yang quality of wood is erect, and the yin quality of wood is pliable. The liver wood yang makes a person erect, the liver wood yin makes a person flexible. When liver wood yin is lost, one loses flexibility and becomes tense and angry. If you dream of going around in a circle, unable to find your way out, your spleen soil yang is deficient. This is because the spleen is a soil organ. The yin of soil is adhesive, so it holds everything. The yang of soil is loose so it sorts out entanglements and transforms everything on earth. The yin of spleen soil receives, so it can take food. The yang of spleen soil is loose, so food can be sorted out and transformed into the yinyang needs of all wuxing organs. So when you dream of being unable to solve things, it is your spirit alerting you that your spleen soil yang is deficient.

Dreams can also be messages from another spirit, for example, sometimes we dream a family member calling us and then find out that person had been in a severe situation the next day.

Overall, dreams are messages of the body’s condition, or from another spirit.

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